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The Histology laboratory located within SAHMRI North Terrace houses equipment for processing, embedding, sectioning, and staining tissue. A histology service is not available at SAHMRI Histology, instead researchers undertake their own work in this area.

Researchers who wish to use the laboratory must undergo a safety induction, training, and competency assessment for each equipment they require. Once completed, they may book through our online system ACLS and use the equipment autonomously. The laboratory is also open for use by external researchers after they have completed a more comprehensive induction.

Histology Equipment

Equipment Bookable?
Thermo Scientific Shandon Excelsior ES Tissue Processor
Thermo Scientific HistoStar Embedding Workstation
Thermo Scientific HM325 microtome
Thermo Scientific HM340E semi-automated microtome
Leica RM2235 microtome
Thermo Scientific Shandon Cryotome E
Staining Facilities
Nikon Eclipse Ci-L Double-headed Teaching Microscope

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